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The wonderful world of the hosts

Being a host means more then earning extra money. You are supporting sustainable travel and you have the chance to show other people your part of the world. Enjoy being a roadsurfer spots host and everything that comes with it. Try it out - we are looking forward to meeting you!

Share your part of the world with travellers and support individual, close-to-nature, soft tourism away from the masses.
Enjoy meeting new people and sharing experiences with them.
Do you sell your own jams, wine or cotton? Do you offer riding lessons? Well, now is the chance to let other people know!

Super easy and simple

Your spot

It doesn't take too much to make a roadsurfer happy as campers travel independently and are simply looking for a nice spot to stay at. It can be a meadow, a parking lot or a garden - it all counts.

The guests

True roadsurfers are looking for individual adventures, nice places and an alternative to wild-camping. They respect nature and strive to be real sustainability heroes.

Try it - it's easy

Registering as a host is easy and simple. We promise! If you want to use your spot in a different way, you can simply block it in your booking calendar and only accept guests when you want to.

No compromise

Your decide how and if you want to be a host. Try it out!

Your success is our success

At roadsurfer, and as outdoor-travel-experts, we want to fulfill everyone's dreams of individual travel and maximum freedom. You can find us with a fleet of 2.500 campervans in 36 stations all over Europe. As a strong and professional partners, we make sure that many happy roadsurfers are on the road and that you and your spot find potential guests quick and easily. We help you put your spot in the best light and to create a great offer for loads of guests.

Sandra on her spot surrounded by sheeps | © © roadsurfer GmbH / Sandra Smeyts

Sandra Smeyts

"roadsurfer is a great thing thanks to the personal management of the calendar and the billing process. There is always someone there to help. We can only recommend roadsurfer spots to those who want to meet new people and share their part of the world wih them."

Mattys spot | © roadsurfer GmbH / Matty Wiener

Matty Wiener

"I love being a host at roadsurfer spots because I love meeting new people. Me and my family have always liked having friends around and I also wanted to share an alternative to full camping sites. Spots are a great alternatvie for individual and relaxed travel."

alpaka on nancys spot | © roadsurfer GmbH / Nancy Wanner

Nancy Wanner

"We are very happy to have found roadsurfer spots because of its many perks. For example, you can earn money with unused space, meet new people and bring attention to our farm shop. We can plan everything perfectly with the bookign calendar."

Franz Kinker

"I have noticed that we are developing a new, more human and minimalistic live style. Our vast guest structure appreciates the simplicity of nature, respects life at the farm and is thankful for being able to enjoy these wonderful scenery."

Use your perks as a host for roadsurfer spots

Your price, your benefits
You decide the price for your spot(s). You receive 100% of your rent price.
Maximum flexibility
You decide availability in your booking calendar and you can communicate it to your guests.
Your spot, your rules
You set and control the behaviour rules in your own spot.