It is that easy to be a host

Do you own a potential camping spot?

Being a host is very easy and lots of fun.
Start your adventure and try it out - here are some tips for your journey as a host.

Who can register?

Every person over 18 who owns a private property.

What works as a spot?

Your spot can be a space at a meadow, parking lot, garden, beach or vineyard - it all works. What matters is  that it is yours and that it can be used for camping.

Where can the spot be?

In Germany or in Europe. In the nature or in the city, near water or in the mountain. The camper heart works everywhere.

What should a spot offer?

Glamping, a simple spot in nature, on a vineyard, by the lake or anywhere else - if your spot has space for campervans, motorhomes or tents, you are set. If you can offer water/electricity, better but it is not mandatory.

How does it work exactly?

1. Register

Register for free and easily.

2. Publish your spot

Write a nice description for your spot(s), post pictures, availability and everything that you deem important information. If you need help, we are here for you.

3. Manage your requests

Manage your booking and your booking calendar according to your needs.

4. Have fun & earn money

Welcome your guests and enjoy being a host while also earning easy money!

Start your adventure as a host!
Register for free, publish your spot and let's go.

FAQs for hosts

Got any more questions? Take a look here!

In short, we want to make camping in the great outdoors or at other selected, individual locations possible - with great private pitches. There is no need to squint longingly at the green meadow in the mountains or the shore of a rippling brook. Because individual, private pitches for campervans, tents, mobile homes or caravans have everything that makes camping away from the crowds. You have a large meadow, a farm, a beautiful garden or simply a parking lot? Then become a roadsurfer host now.

Whether it is just drinking water and a quiet spot to stay overnight, or whether you can offer showers, toilets and a fresh breakfast is up to you and your facility. You decide what you offer to your guests. The only requirement is that you have a unique place to stay.

We know that the official orders and decisions concerning COVID-19 can cause confusion and uncertainty. Slowly things are going uphill again and there is a gradual easing of restriction in some regions.

Nevertheless, official orders and decisions vary at different levels (national level, state level, urban and municipal level). That is why you have to check for yourself if there are any current local travel restrictions, before you accept any bookings. Roadsurfer offers an intermediary platform and does not take responsibility.  

In order to support you as much as possible, the following links will provide you with additional information. Furthermore, the links listed below give an overview of the current official orders and decisions. Please check them out on a regular basis to know if there are any news and keep in touch with local and national government offices to receive the latest information. 



Germany State Level











For this problem, there is a very easy solution. If you currently are not allowed to welcome guests at your spot, we recommend you to block your calendar for the current period. Guests will not be able to book your spot within the blocked time. As soon as the accommodation ban has been lifted, you can unlock your calendar again.  

If you log into your account and go to your dashboard, you will find a video, that shows you how you can easily block your calendar. 

As a host, you can cancel a booking up to 48h after the confirmation of said booking. This is only possible if there is a time gap of more than 72h between the entry of the booking and the planned arrival of your guest(s). If there is a gap of less than 72h, you cannot cancel the booking.

If you can´t accept the booking as a host because of Corona, this is an exception. In this case, contact us as soon as possible. Use our support on the website (a support chat appears in the bottom right corner). In the chat you will find our "Contact" form. There you can send us your cancellation message, please provide all relevant information in the description field. Our support team will reach out to you.

If the guest should cancel the trip up to 7 days before their arrival, the total of the rent price will be returned to the guest. If the guest cancels less than 7 days before their arrival, there will be no refund for the guest. In that case, you, the host, will receive from us the total amount of the rent price.

During the current Corona crisis the cancellation for guest can depend on current corona regulations, whether the guest can travel according to travel restrictions, border closing, travel warning or due to personal quarantine. In this cases roadsurfers grants a special cancellation right up to 48h before their arrival.

You yourself are responsible of finding out whether you are allowed to make your spot available or not. Roadsurfer is only an intermediary platform and assumes for it no liability.

Hosts, spots and accommodations are subject to the laws and regulations at different levels (e.g. federal level, national level, city level and local level), which may influence and constrain the free availability for the short-term rental of places and accommodations to paying guests. In some regions, it is necessary to have an official permit or license before publicly advertising it and receiving guests. There might also be explicit prohibitions which might entail fines or other penalties upon infringement. In the end, it is the host who is responsible for the legal availability of the rental.

Free registration in the community and advertising for your spot: Sign up and increase the desirability of your spot - you don't have to pay a fee. We are happy about every great spot on our roadsurfer map.

Very simple. When you create your spot, you simply enter the dates on which you don't want to rent out your camper spot or campsites and mark them as blocked in your calendar. As soon as you have a booking on one of the campsites, this period is occupied and cannot be booked again.

You can simply register on our website and add your spot. Here you can tell everyone more about your spot with photos, a short description and the choice of different details about the location or equipment. You determine your price, your rules, your spot (offer). Join our roadsurfer spot community now!

You decide the price for the overnight stay and you receive all revenues, the prices are indicated in Euro. If you need help deciding on a price, we can share with you some useful tips.

We take care of the payment for the booking through our payment provider on our website. You don’t have to worry about the collection of the payments, our payment provider takes care of it. Our payment provider will forward you the money in a span of seven days after the last day of the booked time frame. Each payment will be in Euro.

We work with one of the leading payment providers in Europe: Adyen. Your guests pay their stay in advance. Our payment provider takes care of the payment until it will be forwarded to you in a span of seven days after the last day of the booked time frame.

After your login on roadsurfer spots you will be forwarded to our payment provider and will be asked to provide your account details. Please follow the registration process and add your personal details as well as your banking information to our payment provider. Please also upload a picture or a scan of an identification and a banking document to the system. Of course, your data will be treated confidentially and will only be used to transfer you your money.

When you provided all information, the system will verify this information. Now you are all set to get bookings for your spot!

You keep 100% of the price you set for your spot. We charge a 15% commission on the price of your spot, so the price will be higher at check-out for the guest.

You determine the availability and manage your own calendar.

After the booking of your spot is confirmed, you can communicate directly with them.

Your spot, your rules: You have control over which rules of conduct apply. Do you provide sanitary facilities? Can the pool be used? Are dogs allowed? You decide and can communicate this directly on our website.

After the booking of the spot by the guest on our website, the booking is immediately confirmed. Therefore it is important that you decide beforehand for which period the spot is available and note this accordingly in your booking calendar.