Blick auf die Schlei

Ein ruhiger Platz mit direktem Blick auf die Schlei. Wenig besucht, eventuell stehen eine Handvoll weiterer PKW/ Camper dort. Es gibt einen versteckten Weg am Wasser entlang.
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Conseil d'initié

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We have personally reviewed and selected the spot for you. However, local conditions may change at short notice. Therefore we cannot take responsibility for cleanliness or general condition. Please note that roadsurfer has not made any legal assessment of whether the use of this spot is in accordance with local laws and/or regulations and assumes no liability in this regard. Since the local legal situation can change at any time, please inform yourself before your arrival to make sure you are allowed to use this spot.

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Qu'est-ce qu'un tuyau d'initié ?
We have personally selected our insider tips for you to offer you a great opportunity to camp for free for one night at a unique spot. Unfortunately you only have to do without a host.