Be a spot scout and earn money for your next trip

Help us build the biggest platform for outdoor stays and benefit from 100 € for every new host

Spot scouts find unique places like private gardens, farms or vineyards across Europe and make the hosts sign up to roadsurfer spots.
For every host that signs up and receives their first booking, we thank you for your support with a 100 € referral bonus.

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How does it work?

If you get approved as a spot-scout, you refer great spots across selected regions in Europe and make the hosts sign up to welcome guests. For every host you bring, you will get 100 €.

Who is a great scout?

You know a lot of great places in your region? You like travelling across Europe? You want to help build a great platform and generate some extra income? We are a match, then! 

What are great spots?

We are building a platform for unique outdoor stays. It could be anything, from a beautiful private garden, a vinyard to a surfcamp by the lake. There are thousands of great spots waiting to be found.

Am I employed at roadsurfer?

No, there is no employment relationship. You have the full freedom and control over how many hosts you want to refer to us and when you do it.